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Key points
Good project planning and communication can help you avoid or mitigate these
and other problems that arise in project execution. For example, developing proper
task durations and status-reporting periods should help you identify tasks that have
varied substantially from baseline early enough to make adjustments. Having
welldocumented and well-communicated task-completion criteria should help prevent
downstream surprises. Nevertheless, large, complex projects will almost always vary
from the baseline.
CLEAN UP Close the Simple Tracking file.
Key points
Before tracking actual work in a plan, you should set a baseline. This provides you
with a snapshot of your initial plan.
After recording progress in your plan, you can then compare the plan as currently
scheduled with its baseline. This is one way to tell whether your project is on track.
When recording progress in a plan, you have a range of options, including tracking
progress as scheduled, by percent complete, or by actual work, start, finish, or
duration values.
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