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Adjusting task link relationships
Now the predecessor, driving predecessor, and successor task highlighting is turned
on for the selected task. Next you’ll see these highlights for another task.
Select the name of task 22, Proof and review .
Project applies highlight formatting to the Gantt bars of this task’s predecessor,
driving predecessor, and successor tasks.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll turn off the highlighting and change the zoom level.
7 On the Format tab, in the Bar Styles group, click Task Path and then click Remove
Highlighting .
8 On the View tab, in the Zoom group, in the Timescale box, click Days .
When you’re working in a complex project, you can turn on Task Path highlighting to help
you quickly visually identify predecessor and successor tasks. The different color
highlighting for driving predecessor and successor tasks is especially useful when you’re focused on
managing the overall duration of a sequence of linked tasks.
Adjusting task link relationships
You might recall from Chapter 4, “Building a task list,” that there are four types of task
dependencies, or relationships:
Finish-to-start (FS) The finish date of the predecessor task determines the start
date of the successor task.
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