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Adjusting task link relationships
On the Task tab, in the Properties group, click Information , and then click the
Predecessors tab.
TIP You can use the selected task’s shortcut menu for both commands: Scroll To
Task and Information. Right-click the task name and, in the shortcut menu, select the
command you want.
In the Lag field for predecessor task 9, type –25% , and then click OK .
Entering lag time as a negative value results in lead time.
Task 10 is now scheduled to start at the 25-percent-remaining point of the duration
of task 9. Should the duration of task 9 change, Project will reschedule the start of
task 10 so that it maintains a 25 percent lead time.
To conclude this exercise, you will change the type of task relationship between two
Double-click the name of task 14 , Interior illustration design .
TIP Double-clicking a task name is a shortcut way to display the Task Information
dialog box.
The Predecessors tab should be visible. Note also that the Task Inspector pane in
the background updates to display the scheduling details for task 14, the currently
selected task.
On the Predecessors tab, click in the Type column for predecessor task 13. Select
Start-to-Start (SS) , and click OK .
Project changes the task relationship between tasks 13 and 14 to start-to-start.
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