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Setting task constraints
TIP When working with a manually scheduled task, you cannot change the constraint type
or set a constraint date. The reason is that Project does not schedule manually scheduled
tasks, so constraints have no effect. For more information about manually scheduled tasks
versus automatically scheduled tasks, see Chapter 4.
The type of constraint you apply to the tasks in your projects depends on what you need
from Project. You should use inflexible constraints only if the start or finish date of a task
is fixed by factors beyond the control of the project team. Examples of such tasks include
handoffs to clients and the end of a funding period. For tasks without such limitations, you
should use flexible constraints. Flexible constraints provide the most discretion in adjusting
start and finish dates, and they allow Project to adjust dates if your plan changes. For
example, if you used ASAP constraints and the duration of a predecessor task changes from
four days to two days, Project adjusts, or pulls in , the start and finish dates of all successor
tasks. However, if a successor task had an inflexible constraint applied, Project cannot adjust
its start or finish dates.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, a task in the new children’s book plan cannot start
quite as early as you had expected. Tad Orman, the children’s book author, needs to
proofread his book at a certain stage in the design process. This work is accounted for in task 16,
Proofread and index . However, Tad has informed you that because of his travel schedule, he
will be unable to start his review before July 17—later than currently scheduled.
In this exercise, you apply a constraint type and date to a task.
Select the name of task 16, Proofread and index .
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
TIP To select a task quickly, even a task you can’t see in the current view, press
Ctrl+G, and in the ID field of the Go To dialog box, enter a task number, and then
click OK.
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