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Interrupting work on a task
relationship. However, if you prefer, you can set Project to honor relationships over
constraints. On the File tab, click Options, and in the Project Options dialog box, click
the Schedule tab. Clear the Tasks Will Always Honor Their Constraint Dates check box.
If you must schedule a project from a finish date rather than a start date, some
constraint behaviors change. For example, the As Late As Possible constraint type,
rather than As Soon As Possible, becomes the default for new tasks. You should pay
close attention to constraints when scheduling from a finish date to make sure that
they create the effect you intend.
Interrupting work on a task
When initially planning project tasks, you might know that work on a certain task will be
interrupted. Rather than listing a task twice to account for a known interruption in work,
you can split the task into two or more segments. The following are some reasons why you
might want to split a task:
You anticipate an interruption in a task. For example, the facility where a task must be
performed will not be accessible midway through the tasks’ completion.
A task is unexpectedly interrupted. After a task is underway, a resource might have to
stop work on the task because another task has taken priority. After the second task is
completed, the resource can resume work on the first task.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’ve learned that work on a task in the new children’s
book plan will be interrupted. You’d like to account for this in the plan by recording the
interruption where no work should be scheduled but keep the assigned work values on the
task unchanged.
In this exercise, you split a task to account for a planned interruption of work on that task.
Select the name of task 3, Content edit .
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
You have learned that work on this task will be interrupted for three days starting
Monday, April 13.
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click Split Task (it looks like a broken Gantt
A ScreenTip appears, and the mouse pointer changes.
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