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Interrupting work on a task
Move the mouse pointer over the Gantt bar of task 3.
This ScreenTip is essential for accurately splitting a task because it contains the date
at which you would start the second segment of the task if you dragged the mouse
pointer from its current location on the Gantt bar. As you move the mouse pointer
along the Gantt bar, you will see the start date in the ScreenTip change.
Move (but don’t click) the mouse pointer over the Gantt bar of task 3 until the
scheduled start date of Monday, April 13, appears in the ScreenTip.
To help you accurately split tasks use this ScreenTip,
which will change as you move the Split Task mouse pointer.
Split Task mouse pointer
Click and drag the mouse pointer to the right until the task start date of Thursday,
April 16, appears in the ScreenTip, and then release the mouse button.
Project inserts a task split, represented in the Gantt chart as a dotted line, between
the two segments of the task.
The split, which indicates an interruption of work on a task,
appears as a dotted line connecting the segments of the task.
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