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Adjusting working time for individual tasks
You have a task that must occur on a specific weekday.
You have a task that must occur over a weekend.
Unlike resources, Project does not create task calendars as you create tasks. (If you need a
refresher on resource calendars, see Chapter 5, “Setting up resources.”) When you need a
task calendar, you assign a base calendar to the task. This base calendar might be one that
is provided with Project or a new base calendar that you create for the task. For example, if
you assign the 24 Hours base calendar to a task, Project will schedule that task according to
a 24-hour workday rather than the working time specified in the project calendar.
For tasks that have both a task calendar and resource assignments, Project schedules
work during the working times that are common between the task calendar and resource
calendar(s). If there is no common working time, Project alerts you when you apply the task
calendar or assign a resource to the task.
When you apply a task calendar to a task, you can choose to ignore resource calendars
for all resources assigned to the task. Doing so causes Project to schedule the resources to
work on the task according to the task calendar and not their own resource calendars (for
example, to work 24 hours per day).
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you need to record that a task in the new children’s
book project has a more restrictive working time than the rest of the tasks. The plan
includes a task for the handoff of final book proofs to a color-setting services firm, which
then prepares the book for commercial printing. However, this firm starts new jobs only on
Mondays through Wednesdays.
In this exercise, you create a new base calendar and apply it to a task as a task calendar.
On the Project tab, in the Properties group, click Change Working Time .
The Change Working Time dialog box appears.
In the Change Working Time dialog box, click Create New Calendar .
The Create New Base Calendar dialog box appears.
In the Name box, type Monday-Wednesday .
Make sure that the Make a copy of option is selected and that Standard is selected
in the drop-down list.
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