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Adjusting working time for individual tasks
Click OK .
TIP This plan uses the Standard base calendar as its Project calendar. One benefit
of creating a new calendar by copying the Standard base calendar is that all the
working-day exceptions from the Standard calendar, such as national holidays you
have previously entered, will also appear in the new calendar. Any future changes
made to either calendar do not affect the other calendar, however.
Note that Monday-Wednesday now appears in the For calendar box.
In the Change Working Time dialog box, click the Work Weeks tab.
Next, you’ll enter the working-time details for this new calendar.
Make sure that the Name value [Default] in Row 1 is selected, and then click Details .
In the Select day(s) box, select Thursday and Friday .
These are the days you want to change to nonworking days for this calendar.
Choose Set days to nonworking time .
Click OK to close the Details dialog box, and then click OK again to close the Change
Working Time dialog box.
Now that you’ve created the Monday-Wednesday calendar, you’re ready to apply it
to a task.
Select the name of task 29, Send to color house .
Currently, this task is scheduled to start on Thursday, September 3.
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