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New features in Project 2013
In addition to installing Project on your computer, you have other options for accessing
Project and related services:
Project Pro for Office 365 is an online subscription.
Project Online is the online subscription to Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio
Management (PPM) solution built on Project Web App and Project Server.
Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365.
TIP For more information about using Project with the SharePoint and PWA services, see
Appendix C, “Collaborating: Project, SharePoint and PWA.” To learn more about Project
Online and Office 356 offerings, visit .
This topic focuses on the features in the Project Standard and Project Professional
applications. When a feature that is unique to Project Professional appears, you’ll see special
instructions for users of both Project Standard and Project Professional.
New features in Project 2013
The 2013 version includes several new features as well as some improved ones, including
the following:
Reports Project 2013 replaces the old tabular reports feature with an entirely new
way of visualizing your Project data. The new reports feature includes a dynamic
mix of tables, charts, and textual content, and it’s highly customizable. For more
information, see, “Customizing reports” in Chapter 7, “Formatting and sharing your
plan,” and Chapter 18, “Advanced report formatting.” The Microsoft Excel–supported
and Microsoft Visio–supported visual reports feature remains in Project 2013, and it’s
described in “Generating visual reports with Excel and Visio” in Chapter 20, “Sharing
Project information with other programs.”
Task Path Use this feature to quickly identify the Gantt bars of the selected task’s
predecessors and successors. For more information, see “See task relationships with
Task Path” in Chapter 9, “Advanced task scheduling.”
Redesigned Backstage and SkyDrive integration Like other Microsoft Office 2013
applications, quick access to SkyDrive storage is now integrated into the Project 2013
Backstage view. For more information, see “The Backstage: Managing files and setting
options” in Chapter 2, “A guided tour of Project.”
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