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Control task scheduling with task types
Click the Action button for task 8’s Duration field.
Review the options on the list that appears.
Because task 8’s task type is fixed units (the default task type), the Action’s default
selection is to increase work as the duration increases. However, you’d like to keep
the work value the same and decrease the resource’s assigned daily work on the task.
On the Actions list, click Decrease the hours resources work per day (units) but
keep the same amount of work .
The assignment units and peak values decreases to 150%, and the total work on the
task remains unchanged at 240 hours. On the right side of the usage view, you can
see that the work scheduled per day was reduced from 16 to 12 hours per day.
Next, you will change a task type and then adjust the work on another task.
Select the name of task 24, Final review .
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
Project displays work values for task 24, Final review in the timephased grid .
On the Task tab, in the Properties group, click Information .
The Task Information dialog box appears.
Click the Advanced tab.
The selected task describes the final review of the new book’s page proofs. As you
can see in the Task Type box, this task has the default task type of fixed-units. The
task is scheduled for four days. Because it’s Lucerne’s policy to allow four working
days for such reviews, you’ll make this a fixed-duration task.
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