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Entering fixed costs
Deadline indicator
You can now see at a glance how close the end of the acquisition phase, as currently
scheduled, will come to meeting or missing its deadline. If the scheduled completion
of the Acquisition phase moves past May 29, Project will display a missed deadline
indicator in the Indicators column.
Entering a deadline date has no effect on the scheduling of a summary task or subtask.
However, a deadline date will cause Project to alert you if the scheduled completion of
a task exceeds its deadline date—Project will display a red exclamation symbol in the
Indicators column.
Here are a few other things relating to the deadline date feature:
You can add the Deadline field directly to a table. Click any column heading, and
then on the Format tab, in the Columns group, click Insert Column. And then select
You can change an existing deadline date by dragging the deadline indicator in the
chart portion of a Gantt chart view.
To remove a deadline from a task, clear the Deadline field on the Advanced tab of the
Task Information dialog box.
Entering fixed costs
For projects in which you must track budget or financial costs, you might need to work with
several different sources of costs. These include costs associated with resources, as well as
costs associated directly with a specific task.
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