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Setting up a recurring task
Click OK to create the recurring task.
Project inserts the recurring task. Initially, the recurring task is expanded. A recurring
task icon appears in the Indicators column. Each occurrence of the recurring task is
sequentially numbered. (If you want to verify this, widen the Task Name column, or
point to the task’s name and note the content of the ScreenTip.)
To view the first occurrences of the recurring meeting’s Gantt bars, on the Task tab, in
the Editing group, click Scroll To Task .
Each bar represents a specific
occurrence of the recurring task.
This is a recurring task indicator.
Next, you will assign resources to the recurring task.
Verify that task 1, Editorial staff meeting , is selected, and then, on the Resource tab,
in the Assignments group, click Assign Resources .
In the Assign Resources dialog box, click Carole Poland . Then hold down the Ctrl key
while clicking Hany Morcos and Jun Cao .
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