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Setting up a recurring task
Click Assign , and then click Close .
The Assign Resources dialog box closes, and Project assigns the selected resources to
each occurrence of the recurring task.
Next you will collapse the recurring task to hide its individual occurrences.
Click the expand/collapse arrow next to the recurring task’s title, Editorial staff
meeting .
Here are a few other things to keep in mind when creating recurring tasks:
By default, Project schedules a recurring task to start at the plan’s default start time.
(Click File , click Options , and then click Schedule .) In this project, that value is 8 A.M.
If you want to schedule a recurring task to start at a different time, enter that time
along with the start date in the Start box of the Recurring Task Information dialog
box. For example, if you want the recurring staff meeting to be scheduled for 10 A.M.
starting on April 13, you enter 4/13/15 10 AM in the Start box.
As with a summary task, the duration of a recurring task spans the earliest start to
latest finish date of the individual occurrences of the recurring task.
You can set a recurring task to end either after the number of occurrences you
specify, or a date. If you schedule a recurring task to end on a specific date, Project
suggests the current project end date. If you use this date, be sure to change it
manually if the project end date changes later.
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