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Scheduling summary tasks manually
Project records your manually entered duration and makes some adjustments to the
The summary task is switched from automatically scheduled (the default for
summary tasks) to manually scheduled. Note the pin icon in the Task Mode
column that reflects the task’s scheduling status.
Project drew two bars for the summary task. The upper bar represents the manual
duration, and the lower bar represents the automatically scheduled duration.
Project draws a red squiggly line under the new finish date to lag this as a
potential scheduling conflict.
Project rescheduled the successor tasks throughout the schedule based on task
20’s manually entered duration.
Note that some of the subtasks now extend beyond the scheduled finish date of
their summary task. This additional time represents the amount by which the plan
currently exceeds the desired 30-day duration of the Editorial phase of work.
Looking at the updated schedule, you decide you’d next like to allow a bit more
time for the color prep and printing. To do so, you’ll enter a manual duration on a
summary task that is greater than its scheduled duration.
Click the expand/collapse arrow next to the name of task 42, the Color prep and
printing summary task.
In the Duration field for task 42, type 50d and press Enter.
Project records your manually entered duration, switches the summary task to
manually scheduled, and redraws the Gantt bar.
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