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What was new in Project 2010
The Backstage view All the tools you need to work with your files are accessible
from one location. For more information, see “The Backstage: Managing files and
setting options” in Chapter 2.
Manually scheduled tasks Begin creating tasks with whatever information
(numeric or text data) you might have, and don’t worry about automatic
scheduling of tasks until you’re ready. Manually scheduled tasks are not affected by changes
in duration, start or finish dates, dependencies, or other issues that otherwise would
cause Project to reschedule a task. You can then switch individual tasks or an entire
plan from manual to automatic scheduling. For more information, see “Entering task
names” and “Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic” in Chapter 4,
“Building a task list.”
Timeline view Create a “project at a glance” view that includes just the summary
tasks, tasks, and milestones that you choose. Easily copy the Timeline view as
a graphic image to paste into other applications. For more information, see
“Customizing a Timeline view” in Chapter 7.
Better pasting to Excel and Word Paste Project data into Excel or Word and
preserve the column headings and outline structure of your Project data. For more
information, see “Copying Project data to other programs” in Chapter 20.
Customizable ribbon Create your own tabs and groups to suit the way you work.
For more information, see Chapter 19, “Customizing Project.”
Custom fields Just start typing a numeric value, date value, or text string into the
rightmost column in a table, and Project will identify the right data type. For more
information, see “Create custom fields” in Chapter 13, “Organizing project details.”
AutoFilter improvements Use Excel-like filtering, as well as sorting and grouping,
right from AutoFilter arrows on column headings. For more information, see “Filtering
Project details” in Chapter 13, “Organizing Project details.”
Save as PDF or XPS Create PDF or XPS format documents directly from Project.
For more information, see “Printing and exporting views” in Chapter 17, “Applying
advanced formatting and printing.”
Team Planner view (Project Professional only) Perform actions like reassigning
a task from one resource to another with simple drag and drop actions in the Team
Planner view. For more information, see “Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner
view” in Chapter 11, “Fine-tuning resource and assignment details.”
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