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Scheduling summary tasks manually
Here, you can see that the finish date of summary task 42 now extends beyond
the finish dates of its subtasks by several days. These additional days represent the
difference between the scheduled duration of the summary task 42 and the manual
duration you entered. This time is effectively a buffer you’ve added to the summary
TIP When you enter a manual duration on a summary task, you might find it
helpful to compare the manual duration and new finish date with the automatically
scheduled duration and finish dates as determined by the subtasks of the summary
task. To see the automatically scheduled values, you can add the Scheduled Duration,
Scheduled Start, and Scheduled Finish fields to a table. You can also point at the
summary task’s Gantt bars in the chart portion of a Gantt chart view. The ScreenTip
that appears includes these and other values.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll adjust the display settings to see all subtasks.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click Outline , and then click All Subtasks .
Project expands the task list to show all subtasks.
CLEAN UP Close the Fine Tuning Tasks file.
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