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Setting up resource availability to apply at different times
IMPORTANT If you are running Project Professional with Project Web App/Project Server, take
care not to save any of the practice files you work with in this topic to Project Web App (PWA). For
more information, see Appendix C, “Collaborating: Project, SharePoint, and PWA.”
Setting up resource availability to apply at
different times
One of the values that Project stores for each work resource is the resource’s maximum
units value. This is the maximum capacity of a resource to accomplish tasks. A resource’s
working-time settings (recorded in the individual resource’s calendar ) determine when
work assigned to a resource can be scheduled. However, the resource’s capacity to work
(the resource’s maximum units value) determines the extent to which the resource can work
within those hours without becoming overallocated . A resource’s maximum units value
does not prevent a resource from becoming overallocated, but Project will indicate when
the resource’s assignments exceed the resource’s maximum units capacity. You can specify
that different maximum units values be applied at different time periods for a resource.
TIP If you need a refresher on resource capacity or resource calendars, see Chapter 5,
“Setting up resources.”
Setting a resource’s availability over time enables you to control exactly what a resource’s
maximum units value is at any time. For example, you might have two copyeditors
available for the first eight weeks of a project, three for the next six weeks, and then two for the
remainder of the project. Or you might have a compositor who is normally available at 100
percent capacity reduced to just 50 percent capacity for six weeks, and then return to full
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you secured additional copyediting capacity for a
portion of the duration of new children’s book plan. You need to record this in the plan.
In this exercise, you customize a resource’s availability over time.
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