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Setting up resource availability to apply at different times
SET UP You need the Advanced Resources_Start file located in your Chapter11 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the Advanced Resources_Start file, and save it
as Advanced Resources.
On the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Resource Sheet .
The Resource Sheet view appears.
As you might recall from Chapter 5, this is one view where you can see and edit
resources’ maximum units values. The maximum units values displayed here normally
apply to the full duration of the project. Next, you will customize a resource’s
maximum units value to vary at different times during this project.
In the Resource Name column, click the name of resource 3, Copyeditors .
The Copyeditors resource is not one specific person; it describes a job category
that multiple people might occupy at various times throughout the duration of
the project. Unlike individually named resources like Hany Morcos or Color Setting
Services, the copyeditors are interchangeable. As a project manager, you are more
concerned about the specific skill set of whoever might be in this job role than you
are about who the specific person is.
On the Resource tab, in the Properties group, click Information .
TIP Another way to display the Resource Information dialog box is to right-click the
Resource Name value and, in the shortcut menu that appears, click Information.
The Resource Information dialog box appears. If the General tab is not visible, click it.
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