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Entering multiple pay rates for a resource
For the month of May, you can schedule up to three copyeditors without
overallocating them. Before and after this period, you have just two copyeditors to
Click OK to close the Resource Information dialog box.
In the Resource Sheet view, the Max. Units field for the Copyeditors resource will
display 300% only when the current date is within the May 1 through 31 date range
in the year 2015. The current date is based on your computer’s system clock or set in
the Project Information dialog box. (To see this dialog box, on the Project tab, in the
Properties group, click Project Information.) At other times, it will display 200%
Entering multiple pay rates for a resource
Some work resources might perform different tasks with different pay rates. For example,
in the new children’s book project, the project editor could also serve as a content editor.
Because the pay rates for project editor and content editor are different, you can set up two
pay rates for the resource. Then, after you assign the resource to tasks, you specify which
pay rate should apply. Each resource can have up to five different pay rates, each recorded
in a cost rate table.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you anticipate assigning work that pays a different rate
to one of the resources. You need to record this second pay rate for the resource.
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