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Setting up resource pay rates to apply at different times
Click OK to close the Resource Information dialog box.
Notice that on the Resource Sheet, Hany’s standard pay rate is still $1,550 per week.
(This is recorded in the Std. Rate column.) This matches the value in rate table A, the
default rate table. This rate will be used for all of Hany’s task assignments unless you
specify a different rate. You will do so later in this chapter.
Setting up resource pay rates to apply at
different times
Resources can have both standard and overtime pay rates. By default, Project uses these
rates for the duration of the project. However, you can change a resource’s pay rates to be
effective as of the date you choose. For example, you could initially set up a resource on
January 1 with a standard rate of $40 per hour, planning to raise the resource’s standard
rate to $55 per hour on July 1.
Project uses pay rates when calculating resource costs based on when the resource’s work
is scheduled. You can assign up to 25 pay rates to be applied at different times to each of
a resource’s five cost rate tables. Project is flexible with the additional pay rate formats you
enter. You can enter a pay rate as a specific dollar value or as a percentage increase or
decrease of the previous pay rate.
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