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What was new in Project 2007
Inactivate tasks (Project Professional only) Disable (but don’t delete) selected
tasks from a plan so that they have no effect on the overall schedule but can be
reactivated later if you need them. For more information, see “Inactivating tasks” in
Chapter 12, ”Fine-tuning the project plan.”
SharePoint Task List integration ( Project Professional only) Publish and
synchronize tasks between Project and a Microsoft SharePoint list. For more
information, see Appendix C.
What was new in Project 2007
The 2007 version included several new features and some improved ones, including the
Visual reports Export Project task, resource, or assignment details to Excel or Visio
in a highly structured graphical format. For more information, see “Generating visual
reports with Excel and Visio” in Chapter 20.
Change highlighting See what values changed throughout a plan immediately
after you make a change to a calculated task, resource, or assignment value.
Cost resources Assign this special type of resource to tasks to accrue categories
of costs you want to track, like travel or entertainment. For more information, see
“Assigning cost resources to tasks” in Chapter 6, “Assigning resources to tasks.”
Task Inspector pane Called the Task Driver pane in Project 2007, the Task Inspector
pane shows you details that affect the scheduling of a selected task. For more
information, see “Adjusting task link relationships” in Chapter 9.
Multi-Level Undo Back out of a series of actions when you need to.
Calendar working-time exceptions Record not just the date, but also an
explanation of a resource or project calendar working-time exception. For more
information, see “Setting nonworking days in the project calendar” in Chapter 3,
“Starting a new plan.”
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