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Setting up resource pay rates to apply at different times
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you anticipate one of the resources working on the
new children’s book plan to receive a pay raise. This raise will go into effect during the book
plan’s duration. To keep the plan’s cost calculations as accurate as possible, you need to
record when this raise will go into effect and by what percentage value it will be raised.
In this exercise, you enter a different pay rate for a resource to be applied at a later date.
In the Resource Name column, select the name of resource 6, Jane Dow .
On the Resource tab, in the Properties group, click Information .
The Resource Information dialog box appears.
Click the Costs tab if it is not already selected.
You’ll enter a pay rate increase in cost rate table A.
In the Effective Date cell in the second row of cost rate table A , type or select
6/1/15 .
In the Standard Rate cell in the second row, type 15% , and then press Enter.
Note that Project calculates the 15% increase to produce a rate of $63.25 per hour.
The previous rate of $55 per hour plus 15% equals $63.25 per hour. You can enter a
specific value or a percentage increase or decrease from the previous rate.
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