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Delaying the start of assignments
In the Material Label field, type copies .
Copies is the unit of measurement you’ll use for this material resource. You will see
this label again in the section “Assigning material resources to tasks” later in this
In the Std. Rate field, type 15 and then press Enter.
This is the per-unit cost of this material resource; put another way, each copy of a
bound galley proof costs $15. Later in this chapter, you’ll specify the unit quantity
of the material resource when you assign it to tasks. Project will then calculate the
cost of the material resource assignment as the per-unit cost that you entered above
times the number of units on the assignment.
The Material Label field applies only to material resources.
CLEAN UP Close the Advanced Resources file.
So far in this chapter, you’ve focused on resource details. For the remainder of the chapter,
your focus shifts to fine-tuning assignment details.
Delaying the start of assignments
If more than one resource is assigned to a task, you might not want all the resources to
start working on the task at the same time. You can delay the start of work for one or more
resources assigned to a task.
For example, assume that four resources have been assigned a task. Three of the resources
initially work on the task, and the fourth later inspects the quality of the work. The inspector
should start work on the task later than the other resources.
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