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Applying contours to assignments
TIP If you want an assignment to start at a specific time as well as on a specific date, you
can specify the time in the Start box. For example, if you want the copyeditor’s assignment
to start at 1 P.M. on April 30, type 4/30/15 1:00 PM . Otherwise, Project uses the default
start time. To change the default start time, on the File tab, click Options. In the Project
Options dialog box, click the Schedule tab, and in the Default Start Time field, enter the
value that you want.
Applying contours to assignments
In the Resource Usage and Task Usage views, you can see exactly how each resource’s
assigned work is distributed over time. In addition to viewing assignment details, you can
change the amount of time a resource works on a task in any given time period. There are
various ways to do this:
Apply a predeined work contour to an assignment. Predeined contours generally
describe how work is distributed over time in terms of graphical patterns. For
example, the Bell predeined contour distributes less work to the beginning and end of the
assignment and distributes more work toward the middle. If you were to graph the
work over time, the graph’s shape would resemble a bell.
Edit the assignment details directly. For example, in the Resource Usage or Task Usage
view, you can change the assignment values directly in the timescaled grid.
How you contour or edit an assignment depends on what you need to accomplish.
Predeined contours work best for assignments in which you can predict a likely pattern of
effort—for example, a task that requires gradual ramp-up time might benefit from a
backloaded contour to reflect the likelihood that the resource will work the most toward the end
of the assignment.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’ve been reviewing assignments in the new
children’s book plan with the assigned resources. One of these resources tells you that she
knows from past experience that the daily work pattern she expects on one of her tasks
doesn’t match the work pattern on the task as it is currently scheduled. You want to update
the plan to more accurately model the expected work contour on this assignment. You also
have another assignment that requires an adjustment.
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