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Applying contours to assignments
In this exercise, you apply a predeined work contour to an assignment and manually edit
another assignment.
In the Task Name column, below task 38, Final review , click the assigned resource
Carole Poland .
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
As you can see in the timescaled data at the right, two resources are scheduled to
work on this task four hours per day (that is, 50 percent of their available working
time) and a third resource is scheduled to work full time on this task. All these
assignments have a lat contour —that is, work is distributed evenly over time. This is the
default work contour type that Project uses when scheduling work.
You want to change Carole Poland’s assignment on this task so that she starts with a
brief daily assignment and increases her work time as the task progresses. To
accomplish this, you will apply a back-loaded contour to the assignment. Note that task 38,
Final review is a fixed-duration task type, not the default fixed-units task type. This
task type keeps the task’s duration fixed as you adjust its assignments.
TIP If you need a refresher on task types, see “Control task scheduling with task
types” in Chapter 9, “Advanced task scheduling.”
On the Format tab, in the Assignment group, click Information .
The Assignment Information dialog box appears. Click the General tab if it is not
already selected.
Click the down arrow to display the options in the Work Contour box.
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