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Applying contours to assignments
Project displays a ScreenTip describing the type of contour applied to this
TIP Applying a contour to a fixed-duration task will cause Project to recalculate
the resource’s work value so that the resource works less in the same time period.
For example, Carole’s total work on task 38 was reduced from 20 to 12 hours when
you applied the contour. Depending on the task type, applying a contour to this
assignment might cause the overall duration of the task to be extended. Task 38 is
a fixed-duration task, so applying the contour did not change the task’s duration.
For a fixed-work or fixed-unit task, however, it would. If you do not want a contour
to extend a task’s duration, change the task type (on the Advanced tab of the Task
Information dialog box) to Fixed Duration before applying the contour.
Next, you will directly edit the assigned work values of another task.
In the Task Name column, below task 38, Final review , click the assigned resource
Hany Morcos .
Note that Hany is currently assigned four hours per day for each day of the
assignment’s duration. Why four hours? Hany normally has eight working hours
per day on these particular days (as determined by her resource calendar). She
was assigned to this task at 50 percent assignment units, however, so the resulting
scheduled work is only four hours per day.
You want to increase Hany’s work on the last two days of this task so that she will
work full time on it. To accomplish this, you will manually edit her assigned work
In the timescaled grid in the right pane of the Task Usage view, select Hany Morcos’s
four-hour assignment for Wednesday, September 2.
TIP Point to each day label in the timescale (M, T, W, and so on) and that day’s date
value will appear in a ScreenTip.
Type 8h , and then press the Tab key.
In Hany’s assignment for Thursday, type 8h , and then press Enter.
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