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Applying contours to assignments
Hany is now assigned eight hours per day on Wednesday and Thursday. Project
displays a contour indicator in the Indicators column showing that a manually edited
contour has been applied to the assignment.
TIP If you want to document details about contouring an assignment or anything
pertaining to an assignment, you can record the details in an assignment note. In the Task
Usage or Resource Usage view, select the assignment, and then click the Notes button in
the Assignment group on the Format tab. Assignment notes are similar to task and resource
Here are a few more capabilities that you can apply in a usage view:
In addition to editing work values manually at the resource level as you did before,
you can edit work values at the task level. When you change a work value at the task
level, Project adjusts the resulting work value per resource in accordance with each
resource’s units value on that assignment. For example, assume that on a specific day,
two resources were assigned four hours each to a task that had a total work value of
eight hours. If you then change the total work on the task for that day to 12 hours,
Project will increase the work per resource from four to six hours.
You can split a task in the Gantt Chart view to account for an interruption in the task,
as you did in Chapter 9. You can also split a task in the Task Usage view by
entering “0” work values in the task’s row in the timephased grid for the date range that
you want. To preserve the total work on the task, you should add the same amount
of work to the end of the task as you subtracted with the split. For example, assume
that a task starts on Monday and has eight hours of total work per day for four days.
Its work pattern (in hours per day) is 8, 8, 8, and 8. You interrupt work on the task on
Tuesday and then add those eight hours to the end of the task (in this case, Friday).
The new work pattern would be 8, 0, 8, 8, and 8.
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