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You as a project manager
You as a project manager
Project management is a broadly practiced art and science. If you’re reading this topic,
chances are that you’re either seriously involved in project management or you want to be.
Project is unique among the Microsoft Office applications in that Project is a specialized
tool designed for the specific domain of project management. You might be invested in
your professional identity as a project manager, or you might not identify yourself with
project management at all. Either way, your success as a user of Project, to a large degree,
will be related to your success as a project manager. Let’s take a moment to explore this
At its heart, project management is a combination of skills and tools that help you predict
and control the outcomes of endeavors undertaken by your organization. Your organization
might be involved in other work apart from projects. Projects (such as publishing a new
children’s book) are distinct from ongoing operations (such as running payroll services).
Projects are defined as temporary endeavors undertaken to create some unique deliverable
or result . With a good project-management system in place, you should be able to answer
such questions as the following:
What tasks must be performed, and in what order, to produce the deliverable of the
When should each task be performed, and what is the final deadline ?
Who will complete these tasks?
How much will it cost?
What if some tasks are not completed as scheduled?
What’s the best way to communicate project details to those who have an interest or
stake in the project?
Good project management does not guarantee the success of every project, but poor
project management often leads to failure.
A core principle of this topic’s instructional strategy is that success with Project is built
on success with basic project-management practice. Although Project is a feature-rich
application, mastery of its features alone is no guarantee of success in project management.
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