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Applying different pay rates to assignments
When editing values in the timephased grid, you can work with the cells somewhat
like you might work in a Microsoft Excel worksheet—you can drag and drop values
and use the AutoFill handle to copy values to the right or downward.
Applying different pay rates to assignments
Recall from “Entering multiple pay rates for a resource” earlier in the chapter that you can
set as many as five pay rates per resource, which allows you to apply different pay rates to
different assignments for a resource; for example, a different pay rate might depend on the
skills required for different assignments. For each assignment, Project initially uses rate table
A by default, but you can specify that another rate table should be used.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, Hany is currently assigned to task 36, Proof and review ,
as a content editor rather than her default role of a project editor, but her assignment
still reflects her default pay rate as a project editor. You will apply a different pay rate to
account for her content editor role on this task. Recall that you set up this second pay rate
for Hany in the “Entering multiple pay rates for a resource” section earlier.
In this exercise, you change the cost rate table to be applied to an assignment.
In the Task Name column, below task 36, Proof and review , click the assigned
resource Hany Morcos .
Next, you’ll view the cost of Hany’s assignment.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click Tables and then click Cost .
Project displays the Cost table. Note the current cost of Hany’s assignment to this
task: $1,550.00.
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