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Applying different pay rates to assignments
In the Cost table, you can see the tasks and each
assignment’s total cost. To see other assignment cost values,
such as actual cost or variance, scroll the table to the right.
On the Format tab, in the Assignment group, click Information .
The Assignment Information dialog box appears.
Click the General tab if it is not already selected.
In the Cost Rate Table box, type or select B , and then click OK to close the
Assignment Information dialog box.
Project applies Hany’s cost rate table B to the assignment.
The new cost of the assignment, $1,800.00, appears in the Total Cost column. The
new cost value is also accounted for in the summary tasks and project summary task.
TIP If you frequently change cost rate tables for assignments, you will find it quicker to
display the Cost Rate Table field directly in the Resource Usage or Task Usage view. Display
the right edge of the table portion of a usage view, click Add New Column, and then select
Cost Rate Table.
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