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Viewing resource capacity
Now you can see on the right side of the view the daily remaining availability values
for all work resources. The full-time resources, like Carole Poland, have the expected
8 hours per day available for the days in which they have no assignments. Dan Jump,
the half-time resource with 50% max. units, has just 4 hours per day available. Jun
Cao, who has a “four-by-ten” work schedule, has 10 hours per day available four days
per week.
Next, you’ll adjust the zoom level of the timephased view to see availability per
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, click Months in the Timescale box.
Project shows available hours per resource, per month. Note that some assignment
values and resource names are formatted in red and have an alert indicator next
to their names. These resources are overallocated: they have been assigned more
work than their capacity allows for some portion of time. You’ll resolve overallocated
resources in Chapter 12, “Fine-tuning the project plan.”
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