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Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner view
TIP In this section, you examined resource capacity in the Resource Usage view. Other
Project features that help you see and manage resource capacity include the Resource
Graph view (on the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Other Views and then click
Resource Graph) and the two resource-focused reports (on the Report tab, in the View
Reports Group, click Resources and then click one of the reports listed).
Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner
view IMPORTANT The Team Planner view is available only in Project Professional, not in Project
Standard. If you have Project Standard, skip this section.
The Task and Resource Usage views are powerful views in which you can accomplish
intricate goals, like manually contouring resource assignments. If these views present more
details than you want, Project Professional includes a simple but powerful view called the
Team Planner view.
In the Team Planner view, you see tasks organized by the resource to which they are
assigned (like the Resource Usage view) and any unassigned tasks. Both assigned and
unassigned tasks might be either:
Scheduled tasks Scheduled for a specific time period and displayed in the Team
Planner view at a specific point in time.
Unscheduled tasks
Manually scheduled tasks, with or without an assigned
What the Team Planner view enables that the usage views do not is a simple drag-and-drop
method of rescheduling or reassigning tasks.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you have found the Team Planner view to be especially
helpful when reviewing assignments with resources working on the new children’s book
plan. You’ve identified some assignment issues you need to address, and you will do so in
the Team Planner view.
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