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Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner view
In this exercise, you examine resource assignments and address some overallocation
problems, as well as assign some unassigned and unscheduled tasks.
On the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Team Planner .
The Team Planner view appears.
TIP You can also click the Team Planner view shortcut on the status bar, in the
lower-right corner of the Project window
In the Resource Name column, select Carole Poland .
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
Carole Poland’s initial resource assignments come into view.
The Team Planner view includes four sections:
assigned but unscheduled tasks…
...assigned and scheduled tasks…
...unassigned and unscheduled tasks…
...and unassigned but scheduled tasks…
First, you’ll schedule the assigned but unscheduled (that is, manually scheduled )
tasks. Carole has one unscheduled task, as well as several scheduled tasks. In fact, her
scheduled tasks have caused her to be overallocated. The red formatting of her name
communicates the fact that she is overallocated, and the red boxes Project draws
around some of Carole’s assignments in April tell you when she is overallocated.
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