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Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner view
You’d like Carole’s unscheduled task, Launch planning, to start in the beginning of
August, so you’ll move it there.
Horizontally scroll the view until the week of August 9 is visible in the timescale.
TIP You can also press CTRL+G and in the Date field of the Go To dialog box, type or
select 8/9/15 and then click OK.
Click and drag Carole’s unscheduled task, Launch planning , in Carole’s row so that the
task start date is Monday, August 10.
As on the Gantt Chart, the width of a scheduled task bar corresponds to its duration.
Depending on the timescale zoom level, you might not see full task names in some
task bars.
Point your mouse pointer at the task that you just scheduled.
A ScreenTip appears and contains the essential task details.
Note that although this task is now scheduled for a specific date and time, it is still
a manually scheduled task, and it will remain so until it is switched to automatic
scheduling .
Next, you’ll schedule the unscheduled task assigned to Hany Morcos, and you’ll also
reassign it to Carole. You’d like this task to be completed in early August as well.
Click and drag the name of Hany Morcos’s unscheduled task, Assign launch team
members , to Carole’s Poland’s row so that the task start date is Tuesday, August 11.
Project schedules and reassigns the task.
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