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Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner view
To conclude this exercise, you’ll address some of the resource overallocation
problems that are visible in the timescale side of the Team Planner view.
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, click the down arrow next to the Timescale box
and click Weeks .
The timescale adjusts to show more of the plan.
Scroll the view horizontally until the week of June 28 is visible in the timescale.
Most of the resource overallocations in the plan are due to the weekly editorial status
meeting (represented in this view as the thin vertical lines) overlapping with other
tasks. Because each occurrence of the editorial status meeting is only one hour long,
you’re not concerned with addressing this level of overallocation. You can see a more
severe overallocation for Hany Morcos in the week of June 28, however.
Because you need Hany’s full attention on the Interior illustration design task, you’ll
reassign the Copyedit incorp task to someone else.
Right-click Hany’s task, Copyedit incorp , and in the shortcut menu that appears, click
Reassign To , and then select Carole Poland .
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