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Examining resource allocations over time
Notice the name in the first row, Unassigned. This item lists any tasks to which no
specific resources are assigned.
Next, you will collapse the outline in the table to see total work per resource over
Click the Resource Name column heading.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click Outline and then click Hide Subtasks .
TIP You also can collapse the outline by pressing Alt+Shift+– (a minus sign).
Project collapses the outline (assignments per resource) in the Resource Usage view.
In the Resource Name column, click the name Carole Poland .
Resource assignments are currently hidden, and the resources’ total work values over
time appear in the timescaled grid on the right.
Point to the M column heading (for Monday ) for the week of April 5 at the top of the
timescaled grid.
A ScreenTip appears with the date of the assignment: 4/6/15.
In timescaled views, you can get details
about dates by pointing at the timescale.
Such ScreenTips are handy in timescaled views, such as the Resource Usage view or
the Gantt Chart view.
Currently, the timescale is set to display weeks and days. You will now change the
timescale to see the work data summarized more broadly.
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