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Examining resource allocations over time
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, in the Timescale box, click Months .
Project changes the timescaled grid to show scheduled work values per month.
Notice that the names and some assignment values of Carole Poland and some
other resources appear in red. The red formatting means that these resources are
overallocated: at one or more points in the schedule, their assigned tasks exceed their
capacity to work.
IMPORTANT If you do not see any overallocated resources, verify in the Resource
Leveling dialog box that Day By Day and Manual are selected (on the Resource tab, in
the Level group, click the Leveling Options dialog box). If you still don’t see overallocated
resources, click the Clear Leveling button in the Leveling Options dialog box. If all else
fails, reopen the Advance Plan_Start practice file.
As you can see in the timescaled grid, Carole Poland is overallocated in April. She
is underallocated for the other months in which she has assignments. Notice that
Carole’s June work value of 45 hours is formatted in red. Even though 45 hours
within a month isn’t an overallocation for a full-time resource, at some point in June
(perhaps even for just one day), Carole is scheduled to work more hours than she can
Next you will change the timescale settings to take a closer look at Carole’s
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, in the Timescale box, click Days .
Project adjusts the timescale to its previous setting.
Click the expand/collapse arrow next to Carole’s name in the Resource Name
Project expands the Resource Usage view to show Carole’s individual assignments.
If necessary, scroll the Resource Usage view horizontally to the right to see Carole’s
assignments the week of April 19.
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