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Resolving resource overallocations manually
Instead of using the Timescale box on the View tab to change the timescale, you can
click the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the status bar. However, this method
might not produce the exact level of detail that you want.
To see allocations for each resource graphed against a timescale, you can display the
Resource Graph: on the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Other Views
and then click Resource Graph. Use the arrow keys or horizontal scroll bar to switch
between resources in this view.
Project Professional users can use the Team Planner view to see assignments per
resource in a simpler format. For more information about the Team Planner view, see
Chapter 11, “Fine-tuning resource and assignment details.”
Resolving resource overallocations manually
In this section and the next, you will continue to focus on resource allocation—how the
task assignments you made affect the workloads of the work resources in the plan. In this
section, you will manually edit an assignment to resolve a resource overallocation. In the
next section, you will automatically resolve resource overallocations.
Editing an assignment manually is just one way to resolve a resource overallocation. Other
solutions include the following:
Replace the overallocated resource with another resource using the Replace button in
the Assign Resources dialog box.
Reduce the value in the Units field in the Assignment Information or Assign Resources
dialog box.
Assign an additional resource to the task so that both resources share the work.
Add a leveling delay to an assignment manually.
If the overallocation is not too severe (such as assigning 9 hours of work in a normal 8-hour
workday), you can often leave the overallocation in the plan.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you see more resource overallocations in the new
children’s book plan. Unlike Carole Poland’s minor overallocation you examined earlier, you
can see more severe overallocations for Hany Morcos that do require corrective action.
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