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Resolving resource overallocations manually
In this exercise, you will use the Resource Usage view to examine one overallocated
resource’s assignments and edit the assignment to eliminate the overallocation.
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, in the Timescale box, click Weeks .
At the weekly setting, you can more easily spot overallocations that might need to be
addressed. Assigned work well over 40 hours per week for a full-time resource could
be a serious problem.
Note that several names appear in red. These are overallocated resources.
Horizontally scroll the usage view to the right to examine the more severe
overallocations per week.
You see several cases of minor overallocation, such as 41 hours per week, and some
cases of overallocations where the total work is less than 40 hours per week. Note the
more severe overallocations that affect Hany Morcos (among others) in August.
These overallocations are severe enough that they merit more investigation. You’ll
begin with Hany’s overallocations in August
Click the expand/collapse arrow next to Hany’s name in the Resource Name column.
Next, you’d like to get a better look at the tasks that are causing Hany’s
overallocation this week.
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