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Resolving resource overallocations manually
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, in the Timescale box, click Days .
Horizontally scroll the usage view to display Friday, August 21.
TIP You can also press CTRL+G and in the Date field of the Go To dialog box, type or
select 8/21/15 and then click OK.
At the daily setting, you can see that Hany is overallocated on Friday, August 21, and
Monday and Tuesday, August 24 and 25.
You decide to reduce Hany’s work on both the Proof and review and Create mockup
In the timephased grid of the Resource Usage view, select Hany’s assignment of 8
hours on Friday, August 21, on the task Proof and review .
Type 4h , and then press the Tab key multiple times to shift focus to Monday,
August 24.
With Hany’s 8-hour assignment on the same task for Monday, August 24, selected,
type 4h and then press Tab.
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