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Leveling overallocated resources
You addressed her overallocation for the week by reducing her work on the two
tasks. Note that by taking this action, you reduced not just Hany’s work on these
tasks, but the total work in the plan. As a project manager, you have to use your
judgment to determine the best course of action in such cases: reduce work, change
resource assignments, or spread the work over a longer period of time.
Next, you will look at other resource overallocations in the new children’s book plan that
you can resolve automatically with resource leveling.
Leveling overallocated resources
In the previous sections, you learned about resource allocation, discovered what causes
overallocation, and resolved an overallocation manually. Resource leveling is the process of
delaying or splitting a resource’s work on a task to resolve an overallocation. You can use
the options in the Level Resources dialog box to set parameters concerning how you want
Project to resolve resource overallocations. Project will attempt to resolve such
overallocations when you choose to level resources. Depending on the options you choose, this might
involve delaying the start date of an assignment or task or splitting the work on the task.
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