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Leveling overallocated resources
Note that the finish date of the latest scheduled task has moved from day 6 to day 8. This
is common with resource leveling, which often pushes out the plan’s finish date. There was
a total of eight days of work before leveling, but two of those days overlapped, causing the
resource to be overallocated on those days. After leveling, all eight days of work are still
there, but the resource is no longer overallocated.
Resource leveling is a powerful tool, but it accomplishes only a few basic things: it delays
tasks, splits tasks, and delays resource assignments. It does this following a fairly complex
set of rules and options that you specify in the Resource Leveling dialog box. (These options
are explained in the following exercise.) Resource leveling is a great fine-tuning tool, but
it cannot replace your good judgment about resource availability, task durations,
relationships, and constraints. Resource leveling will work with all this information as it is entered
into your plan, but it might not be possible to fully resolve all resource overallocations
within the time frame desired unless you change some of the basic task and resource values
in the plan. Additional remedies might include reducing the overall scope of work or adding
additional resources.
TIP To learn more about resource leveling, click the Help button (which looks like a
question mark) in the upper-right corner of the Project window, and in the Help Search box,
type Level resource assignments .
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