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Leveling overallocated resources
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’ve examined and manually resolved some resource
overallocation issues in the new children’s book plan. Now that you understand the basics
of resource leveling, you’re ready to use Project’s resource-leveling feature.
In this exercise, you level resources and view the effects on assignments.
On the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Resource Sheet .
The Resource Sheet view appears.
Note that a few resource names appear in red and display the Overallocated
indicator in the Indicators column.
On the Resource tab, in the Level group, click Leveling Options .
The Resource Leveling dialog box appears. In the next several steps, you will walk
through the options in this dialog box.
Under Leveling calculations , make sure that Manual is selected.
This setting determines whether Project levels resources constantly (Automatic) or
only when you tell it to (Manual). Automatic leveling occurs as soon as a resource
becomes overallocated.
TIP All settings in the Resource Leveling dialog box apply to all plans that you work
with in Project, not only to the active plan. Using automatic leveling might sound
tempting, but it will cause frequent adjustments to plans whether you want them or
not. For this reason, we recommend you keep this setting on Manual.
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