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Leveling overallocated resources
Notice that the Overallocated indicators are gone.
TIP When leveling resources with Day By Day selected, you might see the
overallocation icons disappear, but some resource names might still appear in red.
This means that some resources are still overallocated hour by hour (or minute by
minute), but not day by day.
Next, you will look at the plan before and after leveling by using the Leveling Gantt
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click the arrow below Gantt Chart and
then click More Views .
In the More Views dialog box, click Leveling Gantt , and then click Apply .
Project switches to the Leveling Gantt view.
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, click Entire Project .
This view gives you a better look at some of the tasks that were affected by leveling.
Vertically scroll the Leveling Gantt view down to see task 46, the Book launch prep
summary task.
In the Leveling Gantt view, the bars on the top
represent the pre-leveled schedule of the task. The
lower bars represent the schedule after leveling.
These are some of the tasks that were more substantially affected by resource leveling.
Notice that each task has two bars. The top bar represents the pre-leveled task. You
can see a task’s pre-leveled start, finish, and duration by pointing to a light tan–
colored bar. The bottom bar represents the leveled task as it’s now scheduled.
Project was able to resolve the resource overallocations. For this particular plan, leveling did
not extend the finish date. The latest scheduled task in the plan (task 45, Print and ship ) still
has some slack because of the manual duration entered on its summary task.
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