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Sorting Project details
TIP You can sort by any field, not just the fields visible in the active view. However,
it’s helpful to see the field by which you sort—in this case, the Cost field.
Make sure that the Permanently renumber resources check box is cleared.
IMPORTANT The Permanently Renumber Resources (or, when in a task view, the
Permanently Renumber Tasks) check box in the Sort dialog box is a Project-level (that is,
application) setting; if selected, it permanently renumbers resources or tasks in any plan in
which you sort. Because you might not want to renumber resources or tasks permanently
every time you sort, it’s a good idea to keep this check box cleared.
Click Sort .
Project sorts the Resource Sheet view to display resources by group ( Design, Editorial ,
and so on) and then by cost within each group.
This sort offers an easy way to identify the most expensive resources in each resource
group working on the new book project.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll re-sort the resource information to return it to its
original sort order, which is by ID.
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