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Grouping Project details
On the View tab, in the Data group, click the down arrow next to the Group By box
(it initially contains [No Group] ), and then click Resource Group .
TIP Because the Group column is visible in the Resource Sheet view, you can also
click the AutoFilter arrow in the Group column heading, and in the menu that
appears, click Group On This Field.
Project reorganizes the resource data into resource groups, adds summary values per
group, and presents the data in an expanded outline form.
This grouping is similar to the sorting that you did in the previous section, but this
time you will see summary cost values for each resource group.
Project applies light-colored formatting to the summary data rows. Because
the summary data is derived from subordinate data, you cannot edit it directly.
Displaying these summary values has no effect on the cost or schedule calculations
of the plan.
To give yourself more control over how Project organizes and presents the data,
you’ll now create a group.
Before you create a custom group and additional customizations throughout this
chapter, however, you’ll make one change to Project’s settings. You’ll make this
adjustment to prevent this custom group from becoming available in other plans that
you might work with that are unrelated to this training material. (You’ll switch the
adjustment back to the original setting at the end of the chapter.)
Click the File tab, and then click Options .
The Project Options dialog box appears.
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