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Grouping Project details
The resources are grouped by their resource group value (the bands that bind
together Design , Editorial , and so on) and, within each group, by cost values at $1,000
intervals (the light blue bands).
To conclude this exercise, you’ll remove the grouping.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click the down arrow next to the Group By box,
and click Clear Group .
Project removes the summary values and outline structure, leaving the original data.
Again, displaying or removing a group has no effect on the data in the plan.
TIP All predeined groups and any groups you create are available to you through
the Group By box on the View tab. The name of the active group appears in the box.
Click the arrow on the Group By box to see other group names. If no group is applied
to the current table, the words No Group appear in the box.
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