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Filtering Project details
This is a visual indicator that an AutoFilter
has been applied to this column.
The status bar indicates when an AutoFilter is applied.
Note that the funnel-shaped filter indicator appears next to the Task Name column
label, and the message “AutoFilter Applied” appears on the status bar. These are
visual indicators that a custom AutoFilter has been applied to this column.
TIP When an AutoFilter is applied, you can point to the filter indicator, and a
summary description of the applied filter appears in a ToolTip. Pointing to the
AutoFilter Applied label on the status bar tells you the fields that have been filtered.
Next, you turn off the AutoFilter and create a custom filter.
6 Click the funnel-shaped filter indicator in the Task Name column heading, and then
click Clear All Filters .
Project toggles the AutoFilter off, redisplaying all tasks in the plan. Now you are
ready to create a custom filter.
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