Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Project interface: Finding your way around
Click Blank Project.
Your screen should look similar to the following illustration:
Quick access toolbar
View or
report label
Status bar
View shortcuts
Zoom slider
The Project window you see on your screen might differ from what’s shown in this
book. This might depend on your screen resolution and any previous customizations
made to Project on your computer.
Let’s walk through the major parts of the Project interface:
The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable area of the interface where you can add
your favorite or frequently used commands. For more information, see Chapter 19,
“Customizing Project.”
Tabs on the ribbon replace the pull-down menus and toolbars that you might be
familiar with. Tabs group high-level focus areas of Project together. The ribbon
contains the commands you use to perform actions in Project.
Groups are collections of related commands. Each tab is divided into multiple groups.
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