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Updating a baseline
adding or removing tasks or assignments or making other adjustments. To keep an accurate
baseline for later comparison, you have several options:
Update the baseline for the entire project This simply replaces the original baseline
values with the currently scheduled values.
Update the baseline for selected tasks This does not affect the baseline values for
other tasks or resource baseline values in the plan.
Save a second or subsequent baseline You can save up to 11 baselines in a single
plan. The first one is called Baseline , and the rest are Baseline 1 through Baseline 10.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, the planning for the new children’s book project has
undergone some additional fine-tuning. This includes some adjustments to task durations
and a new task in the Acquisition phase. Because of these changes, you need to capture a
new baseline before work begins.
In this exercise, you compare the plan as it is currently scheduled with the baseline plan and
update the baseline for the plan.
SET UP You need the Advanced Tracking A_Start file located in your Chapter14 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the Advanced Tracking A_Start file, and save it
as Advanced Tracking A.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click the down arrow below the Gantt
Chart button and then click Tracking Gantt .
The Tracking Gantt view appears.
In the chart portion of this view, the tasks as they are currently scheduled appear as
blue bars (if they are not critical tasks ) or red bars (if they are critical tasks). Below
them, the baseline values of each task appear as gray bars.
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